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Our Story

Hi & Welcome

At this time of “Social Isolation”, I don’t know about you but, I am finding a lot of time when I can focus on home, my family and myself and to show gratitude for the good things.

So, it is a really good time to focus on and to show gratitude for, these very important things.

Starting with one’s self, I am doing more exercise, yoga, cooking better (mostly, not always) and sleeping, being able to give each activity a little more time than I did “BC”, “Before Corona”.

To help me in doing this, little things I am finding very useful, to aid my focus and to create the right environment. Things that I am wanting to take in to the “After World”, the world after Covid, that I know, having had the time to explore and make available now, I can, without much effort add to my busy world, after “lock down”, to enhance that life too.

Little objects, like bracelets, that have stones that remind me of what I am focusing on currently, what I am trying to improve. That I enjoy seeing and wearing, that help me, whenever I wish. My partner with her earrings and necklet also, seeing them is a consistent reminder. The sweet aroma from her pendant, I know means that she is carrying that around with her, giving a constant memento.

Also the diffusers with smells that help to create the ambience, that makes the right environment for the mood I am looking for. Or even to create a diversion from the mood that I am in! It only takes a few minutes for the atmosphere to be converted, to suit the current needs. Lights, candles and music can all help too. The transformation from day to eve, or travelling between different states or emotions, can be easily and quickly changed to suit the occasion, with focal points, smells, music and lights.

So, whether it is aromas, or ornaments, oils, bracelets, necklets, pendants, music and light, etc all these objects can assist to make your space more personal and just right to benefit you.

I find that when I become better placed, aligned, sorted then I can bring more to those around me and therefore help with the family or environment where I am.

Most of what is available here make lovely gifts, for those you love, those you wish to give a little self indulgence to, or just to treat yourself.

So with great gratitude for your time, please enjoy this site. If you wish to be advised of new products being introduced, please add your details, so you will be one of the first to know.