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Creating a Time for Me

Posted by Alan Hayes on

Now that Social Isolation is phasing out, I am finding it more difficult to find the time, as I did before, for my yoga. It is now much more important that I use any time that I can, to quickly, get in to the mode.

To do this I need to get the ambience as I would like it. This can include all the senses, sight, smell, sound, taste and touch, to project my time more efficiently.

Having the right basics helps enormously. I like a particular smell of freshness, a calming track and lit candles. They all mean that I can very quickly adopt the state that I am looking for. Drops of essential oils on the lava beads particularly, lets you carry the state you wish around with you! 

I find it interesting that it is not always the same smells and sights, but with little tweaks I can make the ambience to suit me.



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